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Luca Brasi is a HardcoreMetal band. We are not here to reinvent the wheel, but we want to mosh things up. In no way we try to be some artsy band that tries to combine all different musical styles in order to show how open-minded we are. "Keeping it simple and keeping it clear", is what we stand for. Just take a look at our music, our lyrics, our band policy or our attitude to see what we believe is Hardcore. We would describe our music like straight forward Hardcore with some dashes of metal thrown in. Just plain and simple, hard and fast, but keeping the moshparts as an essantial good. Our inspiration comes from bands like Hatebreed, Throwdown, Integrity, Unbroken and even Chorus X or Judge, but also from various metal-bands like At the Gates, In Flames, Crowbar etc.

[from left: Ferry | Jörn | Til | Andreas]

Luca Brasi started in september 2002, and came from the ashes of the almighty Cleansweep. We are Andreas on vocals (ex- Cleansweep, ex- Prophecy of Rage), Jörn on drums (ex- Eyeball), Ferry on guitar (ex- Cleansweep, ex- Invidia) and Til (The Six Bullet Plan, ex- Seasons in the Sun).

Our debut recording, the 'Fuck Your World' MCD on MADMOB Records (MM33) was released in early 2003. Recorded, mixed and mastered in the end of 2002 at the Sonic-Sound-Studios, Viersen/Germany (famous by recordings of Drift, Copykill, Settle the Score…).

Our second and latest recording, the 'Fear Luca Brasi' MCD on MADMOB Records (MM36) was released in January 2004. Recorded, mixed and mastered november 2003 again at the Sonic-Sound-Studios, Viersen/Germany.

Right now Luca Brasi is preparing for a new release: a split 10" with the German band the Platoon (ex- Drift) which will be released in the end of 2004 on MADMOB Records.

Furthermore Luca Brasi:
- is featured on several compilation cds, such as: "Punk Im Hot"-sampler, "From the bottom of the Barrel" comp, Freeware comp and more
- has appeared and received great reviews in magazines such as Inside Knowledge, Shades of Red, MGHCzine and more
- played the European Hardcore Party, one of the biggest HC-events in Europe
- played several shows with and shared stages with Integrity, Terror, Vision, the Business, Born From Pain, Slapshot, Kill Your Idols and many more

For booking and more information next to our homepage write to Ferry.


Andreas lives and works in Aachen (Ger) in his tattoo studio THE SINNER AND THE SAINT. He used to sing in CLEANSWEEP before who released a 6-song MCD ("A Fight Far Beyound Your Thoughts" 2000/Rockstar Records) and also in PROPHECY OF RAGE who released a 7" ("Restless" 1994/Mad Mob Records #03) and a CD ("Wrong In The End" 1995/Mad Mob Records #09).

Favourite bands: Johny Cash, Paul Weller, Joy Division, Integrity, Blood For Blood
Favourite movies: The Godfather 1, 2, 3


Ferry lives in Sittard (Hol) and is a manager of a healthfood store in Roermond (Hol) called DE NATUURWINKEL. He used to play bass in CRASH AND BURN (a metal combo for a short time) and used to play guitar in CLEANSWEEP before who released a 6-song MCD ("A Fight Far Beyound Your Thoughts" 2000/Rockstar Records) and also in INVIDIA who released a demo tape. Before that he played bass in CRISIS OF SOCIETY who released a 7". He also ran Threesome Records where he released the following records:

TSR #1: VEIL "s/t" 7" (1995)
TSR #2: VEIL "Time Will Tell" 7" (1995)
TSR #3: V/A "Ascend To The Stars" 7" (1997)
TSR #4: STEADFAST "Homeiswheretheheartdies" 7" (1997)
TSR #5: VEIL "The Works" CD (1997)
TSR #7: CHALKLINE "In The Present Tense" LP (1999)

Favourite bands: Unbroken, Hatebreed, Undertow, Throwdown, Gorilla Biscuits, Judge, Youth of Today, Outspoken, Mean Season...
Favourite movies: Swing Kids, Good Will Hunting, the Godfather
Record top 5: Unbroken - live. Love. Regret. - CD on New Age Records
Undertow - at both ends ­ CD on Excursion Records
Undertow - last 7” on Indecision Records
Function - 7” on Crisis Records
Conviction - 7” on Watermark Records
Coolest record labels: New Age Records (by far!!!), Indecision, Excursion, Watermark and early Revelation Records.


Til lives in Aachen (Ger) and goes to school. He used to play guitar in THE SIX BULLET PLAN and used to play guitar in CLEANSWEEP who released a 6-song MCD ("A Fight Far Beyound Your Thoughts" 2000/Rockstar Records) and bass in german-belgian mosh outfit SEASONS IN THE SUN (ex-SURROUNDED BY BLINDNESS).

Favourite bands: The Smiths, Aclyss, Blood For Blood, Misfits, KKS
Favourite movies: Mallrats, Die fabelhafte Welt der Amelie, Friday the 13th 1-10, Can't hardly wait, Braindead


Lives in Aachen (Ger) and studies construction engineer. He used to play in Eyeball, they released a 7”/MCD and a full-length LP/CD on Crucial Respoce records. He also played in Cleansweep and Hardface.