[last update: 29/09/05 news]

29/09/05 LUCA BRASI / PLATOON split CD READY!!!
order it via Core Tex!
Finally its time for the real deal: the LUCA BRASI / PLATOON split CD is ready. Again it is released by our friends at CoreTexRecords. Each band brings you 4 hardhitting hardcore tracks! there is even some multimedia shit for all you computer nerds: some pictures of the bands and each band brings you their first video! Check it out! For more info or even orders, email: xthreesomex@hotmail.com. We have some copies here, and it can be yours for only 10 euros postpaid everywhere. Feel free to copy our banners down here and put em on your site!!! Thanks - Ferry

order it via Core Tex!

order it via Core Tex!

19/11/04 New Recordings ready...
A few months no update, let's make it up to you... Well, we've recorded 4 songs for our upcoming split CD with our friends from The Platoon. Our new songs rock and will make you love us even more. The thing will be ready in January or February so keep an eye open for it. We will do a nice weekend full of release shows as a pack or even with a third band, who knows. Probably these shows will be in Aachen (D), Moenchengladbach (D) and Sittard/Geleen (NL). We will inform you about that later.
Furthermore we are busy with new merch and stuff. Right now we already have available cool keycords/lanyards. There are made in black with white print "Fear Luca Brasi" with the cool logo in the middle. It's only 3 euros so pick it up next time you see us... - Fuck the scene, where's the green, Ferry

30/06/04 Holywood Skateshop sponsors Luca Brasi
We have some good news: Holywood Skateshop is willing to sponsor Luca Brasi!!! Holywood Skateshop is a new shop in the citycentre of Roermond/NL which is definatly worth a visit. It is run by two sincere and nice skatekids Ramon and Bas. By opening this store, the young skatescene from Roermond finally has a place to go to/hang out/but their goods. Holywood skatestore is also busy setting up skatecontests and stuff like that. Just check out their website, press on the logo below.
Furthermore we will hit the Sonic-Sound-Studio again in September. This time to record for a split 10" with THE PLATOON (ex. Drift). Ready to be released later this year. Check this to hear a sound sample for the Platoon www.slaeng.com/lbd4/. More info on that later... - Ferry

Visit our sponsors and partners in crime!!! Holywood Skatestore!!!

09/05/04 SittardGeleen Hardcore City again?
The youth centre "De Boerderij" did infact open their doors again for all us hardcore mobsters. First up is a cool show on Friday the 4th of june with Roermonds Above the Struggle (who just released their 3rd MCD DEATH TO REASON), Desensitised (brutal death core from Sittard), Better off! (Heerlens old school proud!) and Luca Brasi. Be there to support these young bands and to secure the future of Hardcore in De Boerderij... Next up is a show on the 19th of September. But more on that later... For more info on these shows and for future shows email: SittardGeleenHardcoreCity@hotmail.com - Ferry

28/03/04 Boerderij Geleen (NL) open again!!!
Let me start with the best news from this week: the youth centre "De Boerderij", Geleen (NL) will be open for shows again! De Boerderij was famous for all it's numerous hardcore shows and the famous "Geleen Fests". 2 years ago the centre of hardcore/punk music was closed down by the City of Sittard/Geleen because the lack of money. Eventhough the youth centre could go on without that money, the city of Sittard/Geleen still decided to close it down. Now, after all this time, they somehow decided to open it again! And that's great news for all of us, because there was not much happening in this part of Holland and that was somehow also a little bit the downfall of the scene here. We will keep you updated about further evaluations in De Boerderij.
Furthermore the sunday matinee in MoenchenGladbach on the 14/03 with Zero Mentality, Harsh Truth, Mindgrab, Down The Drain and us was great. The internet zine Triggerfish.de made a nice report about that day, check it out . While you're at it, they also made a nice review of our new MCD... Also more of that in our review section. - Ferry

04/03/04 New reviews and the MGHC interview online...
We recieved some new and very positive reviews for our new mcd FEAR. Check them out in the Music section. Also we did an interview for the german eZine MGHC done by Joerg from Moenchengladbach. If you don't know it check it out HERE, to see what's hot and what's not in Germany. Or go to Bio and then Interviews to read it here. - Fuck the scene, where's the green, Ferry

03/02/04 NEW MP3 online and the first reviews!
We have a MP3 from our newest CD online now! The song "The War Is Here" is now available for your ears... Enjoy it and let us know what you think. Also the first couple of reviews came in and they are very positive. Check them out in the Music section. More will follow soon... - Ferry

27/01/04 GalmFest Belgium
We are very glad to announce that we will play the GALMFEST in Galmaarden, Belgium. Other bands are Backfire!, Lo. DEP, Trespass, Bloodshot, CodeRed, Mutual Aid, One Outta Six, Out of Hand, Line of Defence and Stab Back. Go to the GalmFest homepage and visit the forum, it's kind of empty there. Just tell them how much we rock!!! - Ferry

26/01/03 "Fear" CD Release Show was great!!!
Unbelievable... Our brandnew MCD "Fear Luca Brasi" was ready in time and so our planned release show for the Westside Unity Fest was the perfect place to spread our italian style message to all our friends and fans... Last saturday the Burgerhaus in Herzogenrath was packed and there was a perfect atmosphere. All our friends were there and we did not disappoint them on stage and with our new CD. The reactions on the CD were overwhelming so we are now looking out for the first reviews. This CD is harder and more brutal than the "Fuck Your World" MCD. We recieved a couple of emails already from people who totally love our new CD. So buy it if you have the chance, the artwork fits the word mafiastyle and our music.. well we just are the best... Our show was great, we rocked the place and there was mosh going on everywhere... We thank David from MadMob Records and Karsten KCR for all the work they did on the CD... - Ferry

16/12/03 New Interview online
We just did an email interview with internetzine: HARDTIMESZINE.TK from Chile. Never mind their poor english (hence the questions...), just read it. The site is in spanish, they translated it, here you can read the original english version. I don't know what I am saying in spanish... Never knew there was such a big scene... Go to Bio, then Interviews.
At the moment we are taking it easy to rehearse a lot and make some new songs before we make the streets unsafe with our brandnew 5 song MCD "FEAR LUCA BRASI" wich will be available at the Westside Unity Fest on the 24th of January... Be sure to be there! We want to thank Karsten KCR from For The Day for doing all the lay-out work for the CD. It's brilliant! - Ferry

05/11/03 "Fear" CD Release Show
Our brandnew MCD "FEAR" will be available at the Westside Unity Fest on the 24 of January... Be sure to be there and make this a kick-ass show for all of us. Pre-orders are welcome from this day on for the colors: Red, splatter pink/black... oh fuck, we don't have vinyl... oh well...
Check out the interview we did with Shades of Red Fanzine from England and you know what we are all about. Go to Bio, then Interviews... - Ferry

14/10/03 European Hardcore Party #10
Since Line of Defense is forced to cancel their gig at the European Hardcore Party #10 we have have been asked to replace them. And ofcourse we are glad to do so... Check the show sections for more info... - Ferry

12/10/03 Busy, busy...
The shows with Integrity were great. Chubby Fresh is comedian nr. 1!!! The show in Moenchengladbach was the best, lots of friends were there and the place was packed with more than 300 people. Sweat and good music was the outcome. We hope to play some more with these guys when they come over again. A big fuck you to all those who judged us for playing with Integrity and for all you emo-wussies: make room for the real deal!...
The recordings for our new MCD "Fear Luca Brasi" which will be out before the end of this year on MadMob Records, went great. But took a little longer than expected. Last weekend we finished the final recordings. The original plans for 6 songs were destroyed, since we had to throw one song out... But still we have a lot to do: mixing and mastering, etc. We thank Stefan from Born From Pain and Dominic from Zero Mentality for their help in the studio, especially Stefan for helping out with the guitarrecordings. Keep your eyes and ears open for this CD since it will blow you away... 5 songs of total Mafia Mayhem. - Ferry

20/08/03 Tour...
The dates with Integrity have been confirmed. Check our show-section to keep updated and be sure to check us out somewhere. - Ferry

10/08/03 News...
We finally managed to get some cool pictures of us online. Check them out. We also found some more reviews (still no bad ones...). The shirts are in stock again, all sizes again so the ordering can go on... In the end of September we will record our new CD. It will be a MCD again, called: "Fear Luca Brasi". 6 songs of total mafia-mayhem, be aware. Left to say is that we probably will accompany Integrity for their last 3 days of their tour in September. More info about that in our Show section. - Ferry

23/06/03 What's up...
The last couple of shows were great, there was an awesome responce. Some people made cool pictures, which will be online soon! We sold lots of stuff. That's why our shirts are reprinted, will be in stock in 2 weeks. We now also ordered size S for all the skinny dudes (or bigger girls...), so don't go to the gym just yet. We have 2 new button-designs and the original Luca Brasi-head button back in stock again. Order them with our new sticker. Designs will be in the Music/Merchandise section soon. We have some new and cool shows planned, so check us out somewhere. - Ferry

22/04/03 Back Again
This time we have some more music reviews for you to read. Up to now, still no negative or bad reviews. I guess this says enough… Also we updated our show-section. Be sure to check us out live somewhere. You will not be disappointed! We are busy with new button and sticker designs but what´s more important: we will hit the famous Sonic-Sound-Studios in Viersen/Germany again in september. This time we will be there for 6 days! Recording for a new MCD or a split cd to be released at the end of this year. Left to say is that we came across one desciption of our band and music, which says enough: "Mafia Core"... - The new kid on the block, Ferry