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Past Shows

  1. 21/12/02 Eupen (B), Schlachthof
    w/ The Bruce, In Our Hands, Sunset and Luca Brasi.
  2. 02/03/03 Brunssum (NL), Cafe Smileys
    w/ Verona Beach, Progress, TBL and Luca Brasi.
  3. 08/03/03 Herzogenrath (D), Bürgerhaus Kohlscheid
    Westside Unity Festival VI w/ Sommerset, Settle The Score, For The Day, Eaves, Nothing In Common, Superhero, D.H., Teenage Astro Dictators, Nago, The Six Bullet Plan and Luca Brasi.
  4. 19/04/03 Deidenberg (B), Cafe Take 5
    w/ the Bruce, Six Bullet Plan and Luca Brasi.
  5. 31/05/03 Herzogenrath (D), HOT
    w/ Spanking the monkey, Schrottgrenze, Never face Defeat, K-Airlines and Luca Brasi.
  6. 19/06/03 Aachen (D), Cafe Wild Rover
    w/ Facecut and Luca Brasi.
  7. 02/07/03 Oberhausen (D), Zentrum Altenberg
    w/ Slapshot, Kill Your Idols, Hearbreak Motel and Luca Brasi.
  8. 18/07/03 Moenchengladbach (D), JZ Westend
    w/ Sidekick, Caught My Breath, Bleed Into One, Six Bullet Plan and Luca Brasi.
  9. 26/09/03 Wolfsburg (D), Kaschpa
    w/ Integrity, Never Promise and Luca Brasi.
  10. 27/09/03 Moenchengladbach (D), Project 42
    w/ Integrity, Bloodstring and Luca Brasi.
  11. 28/09/03 Alkmaar (NL), Parkhof
    w/ Integrity, Dark Day Rising +1 and Luca Brasi.
  12. 25/10/03 Brunssum (NL), Cafe Smileys
    w/ Fallen Rancor, Better Off, Tresspass, Rimmshot and Luca Brasi.
  13. 08/11/03 Maastricht (NL), Platte Zaol
    European Hardcore Party #10
    w/ Terror, Vision, Business, Second Chance, Knuckledust, Comeback Kid, Radio 69, One Man Army, Bolt, Razor Crusade, Punishable Act, Solid, MM, Knockdown and Luca Brasi.
  14. 24/01/04 Herzogenrath (D), Burgerhaus Kohlscheid
    Westside Unity Festival
    "FEAR LUCA BRASI" new MCD release show!!!
    w/ Pale, Engrave, Superhero, Eaves, The Bruce, Paranoia Keeps Crawling, Doedenspilar, Six Bullet Plan, Better Off, The Forthedays and Luca Brasi.
  15. 14/03/04 Moenchengladbach (D), Project 42
    w/ Zero Mentality, Harsh Truth, Mindgrab, Down The Drain and Luca Brasi.

  16. 22/05/04 Galmaarden (B), Het Baljuwhuis
    w/ Backfire!, Lo. DEP, Trespass, Bloodshot, CodeRed, Mutual Aid, One Outta Six, Out of Hand, Stab Back and Luca Brasi.

  17. 04/06/04 Geleen (NL), De Boerderij
    w/ Better Off, Above the Struggle, Desensitised and Luca Brasi.

  18. 05/06/04 Heerlen/Landgraaf (NL), Oefenbunker
    w/ Better Off, Never Face Defeat, Six Bullet Plan and Luca Brasi.

  19. 05/09/04 Brunssum (NL), Cafe Smileys
    w/ Superhero, Never Face Defeat, Trespass, Out of Reach, The Depraved, Throwing Tomatoes, Knoxville and Luca Brasi.

  20. 18/09/04 Herzogenrath (D), HOT
    w/ Force of Change, Faced Moment, Pitfall and Luca Brasi.

  21. 19/09/04 Geleen (NL), De Boerderij
    w/ Zero Mentality, Razor Crusade, Black Friday 29 (record-release show!), Justice and Luca Brasi.

  22. 01/10/04 Roermond (NL), De Azijnfabriek
    w/ Settle the Score, Battle Royal (record release show for Holland), Line Of Defense and Luca Brasi.

  23. 02/10/04 Uebach-Palenberg (D), RockFabrik. Festival Fuer Kinderhilfe
    w/Alternative Allstars, Pensilcase, Fire in the Attic, Dead End Ticket, Kreftich, Spin Spin Sugar, Courageous, L.Inc, May Sixteen, Organic and Luca Brasi.
  24. 30/10/04 Herten (D), JZ Nord
    w/ Champion, Comback Kid, Not Enough, Broken Down and Luca Brasi.
  25. 31/10/04 Aachen (D), Nightlife
    w/ Settle the Score, Mindgrab, Cheap Thrills and Luca Brasi.
  26. 11/12/04 Moenchengladbach (D), MONO
    w/ Zero Mentality, Mindgrab, Down the Drain and Luca Brasi.
  27. 17/01/05 Aachen (D), AZ
    w/ The Promise, No Turning Back, Cheap Thrills and Luca Brasi.
  28. 11/02/05 Herten (D), JZ Nord
    Asia Help Benefit Festival!
    w/ Settle the Score, Raindoesn'tmatter, Movies of the Future, Tony Gorilla and Luca Brasi.
  29. 02/03/05 Ubach Palenberg (D), Rockfabrik
    w/ Agnostic Front, Death Before Dishonour, Diecast and Luca Brasi.